5 Dresses for Winter That'll Keep You Warm in Style

You don't have to wear ugly sweaters to every holiday party!

You can actually keep warm and look stylish at the many soirees you may be attending this busy season. Whether it is a winter wedding or an office get-together, there are many attractive winter dresses available this year that will keep you from shivering while still looking fashionable. 

Here are seven styles of dresses for winter that will help you stay warm throughout the season. 

1. Maxi Dresses 

Maxi dresses have been super popular in the summer as their long flowing skirts allow air to circulate and keep your skin covered from the glaring sun. This style also works well in the colder months by keeping legs covered and swathing your limbs in warm materials like wool or velvet.

It's easy to accessorize maxi dresses as well. You can get numerous looks from one outfit. From ankle booties to chunky platforms, cashmere sweaters to warm blazers, a solid color maxi will likely go with anything. 

You can also dress them up or dress them down with dramatic jewelry, hats, and even scarves or shawls. Vibrant prints or indigenous patterns can give your dress an ethnic flair while solid colors in luxurious fabrics will make you look extra glamorous.

2. Sweater Dresses 

Sweater dresses kill two birds with one stone by providing warmth from the winter elements with chic style and flair. 

Pair a chunky woolen sweater with heavy patterned tights and a cute pair of booties, and you are ready to go! You can find fun sweater dresses in all lengths, colors, and styles.

Some are boxy and cozy. Others are sleek and fitted, meant to be worn with a belt to show off your figure. You can find cowl necks, turtlenecks, off the shoulder, and plunging V neck versions. 

Patterned or fair isle styles are a colorful alternative. You can even don a sweater dress embroidered with sequins for a more formal occasion! 

3. The Layered Look 

Many dresses can be made into winter dresses by adding on layers.  Not only is it stylish, but the layered look also has the very practical result of preparing you for any temperature. You can even discard layers if you end up at a party where things are getting hot.

Throw a cardigan sweater over your autumn dress and voila! It's ready for Christmas. Wrap a sparkly pashmina around your neck or your waist to dress up the outfit you wear all year round.

You can layer from the inside out as well. Wear a warm coordinated turtleneck under your dress to keep your neck and chest protected from the elements. 

Street fashion is popularizing the look of pants under dresses, which is another innovative way of layering to keep warm in winter. 

4. Short with Wooly Tights 

A fun winter look for dresses, no matter what length they are, is to pair them with thick stockings or tights.

You can go for stripes and plaids. You can opt for intricate patterns or cable knits. With a pair of over the knee boots or velvet flats, this is a great winter look for work or play. 

5. Tunic Style 

Tunics are another variation on the layered look, which will add warmth and style to your holiday outfit. A tunic may be a loose dress, vest, or shirt that drapes over the body and looks equally good over skin or other clothes. 

Tunics can flatter any figure. They can be belted or not and sometimes have an attractive handkerchief-style or irregular hemline. They double as a short dress, so they can be worn over pants or tights. 

You can also opt for an open weave tunic, adding a lacey-looking layer to your winter wardrobe. Fringe can also create a cool look.

Dresses for Winter: Warm and Smokin' Hot! 

When you are celebrating the holidays, you want your clothes to reflect the joy and fun of the season. You also want to make sure you don't freeze your tush off! 

By carefully selecting dresses for winter, you can look great and keep your cool-without shivering to death. Look good, have fun, and be smart: dress for the weather, no matter what the fashion.

For more tips on looking your best in any weather, check out our blog.

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