Get Your Pretty On: 7 Winter Fashion Tips To Keep You Cozy and Cute

You don't need to see your breath turn into vapor to realize that winter is here.

You can either start crying about that cute summer dress you haven't had the chance to wear, or you can get excited about the new winter fashion regalia.

We recommend the latter.

Keep reading to check out our seven winter fashion tips that will help you stay warm in style, as well as make Cara Delevingne jealous (not really, but if you're reading this, Cara, we love you!).

1. When in Doubt -Or Not- Layering Is the Way to Go

Layering is not only a fantastic technique to prevent the loss of fingers -and other limbs- from frostbite, but also can be quite chic.

There is a reason behind layering being ever-so-trendy in winter, so don't shy away from piling it on.

The trick here is finding a good order sequence. Start with the basic equation: a turtleneck + sweater + jacket + coat = pretty cute and warm look.

You can also aim for a dress or skirt over multiple tights or pants. 

After nailing down your winning sequence, your second order of business is picking the right pieces.

Taking into consideration the severe weather we're graced with here in Canada, don't shy away from your Canada Weather Gear. They'll be a great way to wrap up your whole outfit.

Start from the skin and work your way outwards. Put on some stockings -or go for the nuclear option, your long johns- under a pair of jeans, or a skirt. 

As for your upper body, wearing a simple long sleeve shirt underneath a pullover sweater is the way to go.

This way whatever people see will look great, but you'll be very cozy and warm regardless. And they don't need to know about the long johns, that will be our secret.

2. Winter Fashion Tips: The Coats Edition

Surviving winter means investing in some good coats. But what type of coat? and in what colors? Well, here's your fabulous winter coat guide.

Teddy Coats 

There is nothing that screams comfort and warmth more than a teddy coat. Called a teddy coat, because it resembles a teddy bear, it nails the idea of cozy yet fashionable. 

Kim Kardashian and Carine Roitfeld; two very different celebrities own a teddy coat. However, saying that these coats are of different breeds would be the understatement of the century.

You can go for traditional, and get one in classic camel or deep beige colors. Or you can go all dark and mysterious with a black coat.    

Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets are trending this winter with the force of a thousand snow storms. They are winter-chic with double the warmth power.

You can go for the classics of black and blue jackets, or grab everyone's attention with a roaring red bomber jacket

Animal Print Coats

Speaking of grabbing attention, you can't go wrong with an animal print coat. 

By taming the animal print with an all-black winter outfit, you're stealing the show with elegance without it being too noisy. 

And if your winter business attire needs a color boost; a checked wool coat will enhance it in one fell swoop.

Give Yourself a Waist

Now that you have some delightful coats to wrap up your cute winter outfit, giving yourself a waist with a belt is a pro move.

Cinching the waist and highlighting your feminine silhouette can be simply achieved by wrapping a simple -or bedazzled, you do you- belt around the midsection of your coat or dress.

3. It's Boots Time!

Your shoes can make or break your outfit. Not only are they essential for the self-identified fashionistas, but also they act as lifesavers for your poor cold feet.

Over-the-knee boots

Don't run for your lives! We promise that this winter's over-the-knee boots have nothing to do with the dreaded 2012 boots-from-hell.

These fall/winter over-the-knee boots come in all shapes and sizes, and they are becoming the show-stealer of winter outfits all over a variety of catwalks.

You can get them in leather or suede, as for colors feel free to go for seizure-inducing bright colors or some Queen Elizabeth-approved colors. 

White Boots

We couldn't help but add the forever equally loved-and-loathed white boots.  

If you want an instant "level up!" for your look, you can't go wrong with some modern '60s style white boots. 

Go with the standardized ankle boots for the faint of heart, or go all-glam with some over-the-knee white ones.

4. That Fur Tho

Or faux fur, whatever floats your boat.

You can't deny that fur is one "trend" that will never die. There are two reasons why fur keeps coming back to the catwalks.

First, fur gives us this sense of timelessness to our styles. Second, it is both fun and practical. 

So go ahead and warm up with some fluffy faux/fur. You can have them in black or white, but a pop of color -like maroon or purple- can electrify your whole wardrobe. 

5. Hats for Ages

Because that is how long the winter is going to last. 

Hats aren't just important for protecting the integrity of your ears and brain function from the unforgivable cold, they can shift into pretty cute statement pieces on their own.

If you're unaware of the beret-mania that's hitting the world's top celebrities, then you're missing out on a world of fun.

Whether you're more comfortable with a soft and fuzzy beanie or a more avant-garde choice like a balaclava, a hat will definitely add some soul to your traditionally-drab winter wardrobe.  

6. Scarves Are Here to Stay

So get your pretty on with some winter-themed ones.

Or not.

Scarves can range from the very cozy to the razor-sharp haute couture.

Feel free to experiment with the bulky 90' styles, for some added warmth. And, if you're feeling sexy, some off-the-shoulder puffer scarf action would be the ideal piece for your winter outfit.

7. Always Remember to Play with Texture

Such a shame to see lovely ladies wearing a single-block-color outfit without contrasting the textures.

There is so much added 'oomph' to an all-black outfit if you play around with the texture and styles.

Try wearing a formal blazer, a comfy hoodie, and some patent leather pants for a fashion-approved look.

The contrast between the formal pieces and the comfy ones presents a perfect blend of textures. 

Let Your Inner Fashionista Shine

Even in the darkest of Canadian days, the thin line between being fashionable-yet-warm is achieved by following these seven winter fashion tips.

Now don't wait for the cold to freeze you in place, and start ordering from this amazing winter collection so that you're ready to go and conquer your drab winter wardrobe!

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