The 9 Best Parka Jackets to Keep You Warm and Stylish This Winter

People have been wearing parkas for thousands of years. This garment originated from the Inuit people, the first natives of Northern Canada. The Inuits created thick coats lined with fur to keep themselves warm during the harsh winters. 

This laid the foundation for one of the most popular winter fashions of the modern day: parkas. Today's parkas are a little more advanced than those the Inuits wore, but they still do a great job of keeping you warm. 

To make your choices easier, we've narrowed the best parkas of 2018 down to 9 beautiful options listed below. 

1. Belted Bubble Parka - Olive

Bubble parkas are all the rage right now, and this style isn't going anywhere anytime soon. These jackets have tiny stitches added to the exterior that create "bubbles." The bubbles typically go in a horizontal fashion to add some texture and more visual appeal to an outfit. 

This jacket goes a step further, though. The belted bubble parka comes in a beautiful olive tone that can match with various winter shades like brown, black, and grey. It's hood has a faux-fur lining and the sleeves are made to hug the wrists for better protection from the wind. 

2. Faux-Fur-Trim Padded Parka - Navy

Up next on the list is the faux-fur trim padded parka. Instead of using a bubble design, this parka is a little more slim and modern. It's made with a deep navy polyester fabric that has a bit of detailing along the bottom. 

But, the most eye-catching details on this parka are the buttons. There are thick buttons that line the zipper of the jacket and accent the wrists and pockets, too. These create a bit of a masculine feel which is great for those who like sporty looks or more edgy type of fashions.

3. Faux-Fur-Trim Longline Parka - Burgundy

If you're "thin-blooded" and get cold easily, you may want to check out this longline parka. The garment is made to stop just above your knees rather than a little below your waist. It covers more of your body to keep you better protected from harsh winds and cold. 

Plus, it's absolutely stunning. This longline parka has a sleek, modern look to it that is sure to make many heads turn. The deep burgundy tone is a nice variation from the standard browns and blacks that most people choose for outer layers. 

4. Canada Weather Gear Infinity Faux-Fur-Trim Parka - Black

It wouldn't be a complete list of the best parkas for women without a few mentions from Canada Weather Gear's winter collection. The first option you should consider from this brand is the infinity faux-fur trim parka

This is another long parka that stops above the knees. It's made to complement your figure and create a slimming look, ideal when dressing up for a special occasion. Add the faux fur that lines the neck to mid-torso, and this parka is sure to keep you warm while looking your best. 

5. Canada Weather Gear Button Detail Parka - Red

The second Canada Weather Gear option to try this year is the button detail parka in red. The jacket does come in other colors, but nothing is more eye-catching than this bold cherry red. 

This is the parka you need if you're looking for something fun and festive to spice up your winter outerwear. It makes a statement, keeps you warm, and is absolutely gorgeous any way you look at it.

6. Canada Weather Gear Button Detail Longline Parka - Grey

The button detail longline parka is yet another Canada Weather Gear favorite this year. It's elegant, form-fitting, and has just enough added detail to stand out in a crowd without trying too hard. 

The stone grey color is a nice variation on a classic black, and it's also something that's easier to match with other garments. The light brown faux-fur lining on the hood makes mixing and matching easier, too. 

7. Belted Fitted Parka - Black

If you're looking for more of a classic parka, look no further than this belted fitted parka. It has the bubble design that most people think of when looking for nice parkas, which combined with the wrap-around belt makes it easy to create a slim silhouette. 

8. Funnel Neckline Parka - Pink 

For those who love to play up their feminine side during the winter, this pink funnel neckline parka is a must-have. This shade of pink is somewhere between a pastel and millennial pink. It has a bit of brightness to it, but without being over the top. 

As far as the structure of the parka goes, this is ideal for ladies who love a slim jacket. It's not too bulky and it comes with minimal added details. The main detail that catches your eye is the lining on the hood, which creates a nice contrast from all the pink and makes it easier to stay warm. 

9. Longline Pom Pom Parka - Burgundy

Last but not least, this longline pom pom parka. It's the perfect mix of fun, flirty fashion and practical outerwear. The deep burgundy is sure to pair beautifully with black, browns, and even a few olive or blue pieces that you may have in your collection of winter wear. 

It's sleek and form-fitting, but also different and unique. The pom poms turn what might have been a boring parka into something that has character. They're a detail that not many parkas come with, and they make the faux fur hood lining look even better than it would on its own.

How to Choose the Best Parka for You

The most important thing to keep in mind while shopping for a parka is to think outside the box. Why would you buy yet another black piece of outwear if you already have dark-colored coats and jackets?

This is your chance to purchase something outside of the norm; you want your parka to enhance all the looks you already have in your closet and open new creative opportunities to mix and match different styles. 

The best parka for you will also fit just right, have the ideal amount of padding and warmth, and suit your personality. The only way to find something that meets all of this criteria, though, is to explore all of your options!

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