The Best Winter Coats to Stay Stylish and Warm

We all know the facts: Canada's winters are no walk in the park. In fact, Canada is in competition with Russia as the world's coldest nation, with a daily annual average temperature of -5 degree Celsius.

In fact, the village of Snag in Yukon actually recorded a temperature of -63 Celsius in 1947. For all you Fahrenheit people out there, that's -81 degrees. Yeah, that's cold.

If you don't have your winter coat, you're definitely gonna need one! But the best winter coats don't only keep you warm, they keep you in style.

Find that perfect coat you're going to be wearing all winter long before you start to freeze, not after.

The Best Winter Coats to Keep You Warm and Wow-Worthy

The best winter coats that you can find are going to be durable, stylish, and, of course, warm. Make sure you take your time because this is going to be an item that you wear often and, hopefully, for a number of years to come.

Material Matters

If you're looking for the warmest coat that you can find, you'll probably want to go with down. The clusters of feathers trap heat inside. They run on the more expensive side, but you can also get down-alternative jackets that are made from synthetic materials. Check out the down's power ratings. The higher the number of the down is, the warmer it will be.

A slight step down from the warmth power of down is wool. You can get a coat that's 100% wool to ensure that you're the warmest that you can be. But you might want to opt for a nylon blend to make the care easier and the coat last longer.

Nylon and polyester jackets are going to be your best bet if you're looking to be active in your winter coat. Nylon is light and durable but can also keep the heat in. They're also waterproof for the outdoor activities that might be in snow or rain.

The Type of Coat

There are many cuts of coats out there for you to choose from. The one that best suits you might get decided by trial and error, or you might already have the type of coat that you like in mind. Either way, there's a lot of fun winter coats for you to experiment with because you don't have to just buy one.

Anorak Jacket

It's just as fun to say five times fast as it is to wear. The anorak jacket is a classic and stylish jacket that will keep you warm and that you can wear with many different outfits. The long length is bound to keep you warm because they sit traditionally on the upper thigh.

Anorak jackets are usually waterproof and can be lined with fur that gives you both functionality and style

Down Coat

We all know what a coat is. But a down coat takes the coat game to the next level. These coats are quarter length styles and are also usually water resistant.

They have down sewn into the lining of the material to keep you super toasty. They're the ultra-warm option for someone who is always freezing. They're also available in full length for the harshest winters.

Wool Coats

This is the classic option that you can wear even when it's slightly warmer outside. But it still packs quite a punch to that cold winter.

You can get a wool coat in a whole number of different styles, but a wardrobe staple is one that matches with many different outfits. Classic grey or classic black are neutral tones that you can wear over any outfit of choice.

Puffer Jacket

This is the classic snow jacket. It keeps you dry and warm, and also lets you move around in style. It's one of the warmest winter coats of the bunch as well.

It's made to keep your body heat in and keep the cold air out and it's something that everyone recognizes. Puffer jackets can be purchased with down feathers in them and come in a variety of stitching and styles. No matter how varied the style is though, people will recognize that fun, puffy look.

Active Coats

Active coats are just what they say they are: coats that let you move freely and stay snug while braving the elements. You can wear them on a run, while skiing, or if you just need something that's sporty and looks stylish while you run to the store.

Many of these coats come with ventilated perforations that will open up as you move around so that you don't overheat. When you're standing still, the vents will close so that your warmth isn't lost.

You can get these coats with a variety of features. They can be waterproof or reflective. They're usually always lightweight and durable so that when you're out there being active, you don't have to worry.

Go With a Coat You Can Trust

Let's face it: you're probably going to do your shopping online. Especially if it's already cold outside.

But when you're shopping online for something as important as a winter coat, you don't want to go with any company that could have cheap material or stitching that you can't feel in person.

That's why you should stick with Fairweather. Their wide selection of coats and jackets are the best winter coats to keep you warm in the upcoming cold season.

You've got a lot of options out there. We make narrowing down your search easy, because you know that you're getting the best there is. You deserve to stay warm and look great doing it.

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