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Yoga pants aren't just for the mat anymore - you see them everywhere, from the gym to the grocery store. When choosing yoga or workout clothes, you have to make sure they'll do the job in the gym, no matter where else you decide to wear them. It all comes down to comfort. The material should rest firmly but gently against your skin without the waistband digging into your side. The yoga pants should stay in place as you move - you don't want to be constantly tugging at the top or worrying that you're showing more skin than you'd like to!

There are lots of options out there, so shopping for active pants may be a little overwhelming. Many people are drawn specifically to their favourite colours and patterns but consider these points when shopping:

Capri or Full-Length

This is merely a matter of personal preference, as both of them work perfectly fine for yoga. If you tend to get chilly at the end of class, you might prefer full-length yoga pants for the added warmth. Most likely, you'll collect a few pairs of each so you have options!


Check your pants for details that could get in your way! Zippered back pockets are great for running, but sometimes that zipper can push into your back if you lie down on it in yoga. A smooth, pocket-free back may be a better choice for your yoga class.