7 Must-Have Summer Tops for This Summer

7 Must-Have Summer Tops for This Summer

Last year was the year for authenticity, and 2024 is the year to go the extra mile. Embrace fashion creativity and enjoy yourself to the fullest.

No season is quite as exciting for fashion as summer, with tops being upfront and center with trendy ideas. The problem is when there are so many summer tops that catch the eye, how does a girl choose? 

We're here to narrow down that list and help you find summer tops for women that inspire you to show off and thrive. Keep reading to see which tops made the cut this year!

1. Side-Cinched Shirt

When it comes to cute summer tops, you can't go wrong with this little number. The bright lemon-yellow colour suits the summer vibe perfectly, while the floral print adds an artsy appeal.

The side cinch looks right at home during the summer since it evokes the idea of sassy wraps you might wear at the beach or by the pool. It also helps to bring out the shape of your hips without putting everything on display. Those side folds look attractive and suit all kinds of body types. 

Plus, the wider sleeves give extra room for a breeze to cool you off.

2. Off-Shoulder Crochet Blouse

If you're looking for a top that's charming, sweet, and romantic, then this is the blouse for you. The off-shoulder cut makes this cool to wear in the sun and lets your collarbones come out to play. Collarbones often don't get much attention, but boy do they look good once they're out and about.

The blouse itself is a solid block of colour, but the crocheted lacy details at the hems make all the difference. It also makes use of the Pantone colour of the year, so it's a trendy choice.

These details are the reason why this top works magic in a summer wardrobe. It has an airy look that can be dressed up or dressed down with ease.

3. Back-Strap Tank Top

Of all the summer tops for women, tank tops reign supreme. They're cool to wear and fun to accessorize.

The problem is that, since tank tops are smaller garments, they often all look similar. There's only so much one can do with the basic tank top.

That's why the back-strap tank top is such a revelation in the fashion world. It adds an element of surprise without looking busy. It'll draw attention to your outfit simply because it's a unique cut.

For extra summer goodness, sky blue is the perfect colour to pick for this kind of top. Adding floral designs to the mix brings more interest to the top, but still maintains an elegant vibe.

It'd be an amazing choice to pair with your favourite jeans, shorts, skirts, or even slacks.

4. Keyhole Cutout Blouse

No list of summer clothes can be complete with something fun and flirty. Our cutout blouse has floaty sleeves with lined details so that it still retains some structure. The sleeve detailing continues across the shoulders in a layered pattern, gently drawing attention towards your face.

The cute cutout section is of a modest size, so you give little hints of flirting fun without giving away all your secrets. Due to the beading around the area, it almost has the appearance of a pendant as it sits below your collarbones.

It's a lightweight top that you can pair with anything you want and still look highly fashionable. Whether you want to go out to a club or a dinner party, this top should always be included as a part of your trendy outfits!

5. Cowl Neck Tank Top

Although the cut of this top looks simple at first glance, it has a trendy cowl neck that dips and folds on your chest. It adds softness to the design that can be enjoyable to accessorize with.

The floral print is the main attraction of this top, featuring reds, purples, and small hints of golden yellow. The palette makes use of contrast so each colour pops with vibrancy without ever clashing.

The white background lets the flowers speak for themselves and adds to the overall warmth of the colour palette. The cool thing is that these colours could also work with an autumn-inspired outfit, so you could get even more use out of it.

6. Button-Sleeve Shirt

Another way to add mystery and surprise to your wardrobe is by including a button-sleeve top to your clothing roster. It's a solid block top that leaves all the details on the sleeves. Large buttons outline the half-length sleeves as an unexpected splash of personality.

The quirky idea ends up looking sophisticated rather than strange. This top wouldn't look out of place at a restaurant, party, or your office. 

There's also subtle cinching at each side so that your waist looks amazing no matter what you decide to wear with it.

7. Keyhole Sleeve Blouse

Looking for a top to wow your friends and steal the show? At first glance, a black long-sleeved blouse may seem out of place for a list of summer outfits. However, those sleeves don't add any extra warmth due to the sheer material. You can wear it even during midday without feeling toasty.  

The style of this blouse is loose-fitted but cinches at all the right places so you feel both comfortable and beautiful the entire time.

Added to all of this is a shimmering sparkle that draws the eye without being excessive. Let this blouse be the queen for all of your summer outfit ideas, and you'll never want to wear anything else again! 

High-Quality Summer Tops

Now that you know which summer tops are all the rage, it's time to upgrade your wardrobe. Make sure to choose a trusted company so you're adding high-quality pieces and not tops that won't last until autumn.

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