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    Versatile and fun, vests are definitely in style! From chic open front to the age-old nonchalant look, they are a great way to expand your wardrobe. They can give you a casual look or they can make a dramatic statement. Business, pleasure, and any activity between, they can spice up your wardrobe with ease. Use a vest to give new life to some of the blouses and tops in your wardrobe. You can take well-loved tops and make them new by adding a vest and a piece of jewellery. Scarves can add dramatic flair or a warm cozy feel.

    Vests so versatile, no bottom is off limits. They pair with everything from jeans and dress-pants to culottes, capris, and skirts. One vest can enhance so many different looks you may need more than one in your arsenal. Choose a variety of styles to open many possibilities in your wardrobe.