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    You love joggers? Good, because so do we! These relaxed pants have an adjustable waist, flowy leg, and synched ankle. Joggers can be dressed up for work and special occasions, or worn as part of a casual and relaxed outfit. Do you ever just want to stay in sweatpants all day long, but you know you have to leave the house? Jogger sweatpants are the perfect option for those days. You can leave the house in comfort, while still looking great and feeling confident.

    Dress them up and look chic while staying comfortable! Because they have a looser fit to the leg, we recommend choosing a fitted top that you can tuck in. A sleek heel will pair nicely with joggers but if you're not a high heel kind of gal, opt for flats with a pointed toe. Shoes with a pointed toe provide a more classic and dressed up look. Consider adding a few curls to your hair to highlight your final look. Shop our collection of women’s joggers & sweatpants online and in-store in Canada at Fairweather.