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    Sweaters are the perfect way to look great and keep warm throughout the day. Choose a fitted sweater that can pair nicely with your favourite pair of pants. If you are not a fan of pullovers, consider a button-down cardigan or a cropped shrug for work. For effortless looks, we love turning to our ponchos, cozy shawls and our pullovers! Throw on a pair of skinny jeans, sneakers, with a comfy sweater in a solid colour and really finish off your look with a cute top-knot messy bun and your go-to earrings and bracelets!

    In the colder seasons it's all about bundling up and staying warm, but what about the warmer months? Ponchos or shawls are a perfect alternative to that late night hoodie you throw on to keep you warm around the bonfire. Whatever occasion you are dressing for, remember the different ways you can style your sweaters to work in your favour!