7 Must-Pack Pieces for the Perfect Vacation Outfits

7 Must-Pack Pieces for the Perfect Vacation Outfits

7 Must-Pack Pieces for the Perfect Vacation Outfits

A summer getaway is the perfect time to wear your cutest outfits. Read here for seven must-pack pieces to look your best in your vacation outfits.

Spring and summer are fast approaching and if the changes in the weather have you excited for warmer days, now is the time to start thinking about your summer wardrobe.

Whether you're planning a summer vacation abroad or somewhere local, most people would probably agree that planning your vacation outfits is both fun and slightly stressful! But the fact of the matter is that the more organized you are, the more you can relax and enjoy your vacation.

Here are a few summer vacation essentials to pack to ensure you look and feel your best.

1. Summer Basics

It sounds simple enough, but the best place to start when planning your outfits is with the basics. Now, this might differ from person to person, but the basics tend to consist of:

  • Neutral T-shirts, such as white, grey and black
  • A pair of basic denim shorts
  • A pair of comfortable denim jeans (for evening wear)
  • Two pairs of summer sandals/flats
  • A fun and summery hat of your choice -- bucket hats are very on trend right now

It's also a good idea to consider accessories as part of your basics. For a warm-weather vacation, this would include a good pair of sunglasses and another pair as backup. Don't forget a pool or beach bag, such as an oversized tote or straw bag.

2. An Occasion Outfit

Depending on where you're vacationing, an occasion outfit (or two) should always make its way into your luggage. You might not have a clear idea of what your itinerary looks like, but heading out to a fancier/dressier dinner tends to happen on occasion.

The type of outfit you pack depends on the destination and where you're staying. For a summer vacation, opt for a dress in a light, flowy style. Something that is elegant, comfortable, and won't crease too much. If you're unsure of how dressy an outfit needs to be, you can never go wrong with packing an all-black outfit or a classic cocktail dress.

Make sure to try your outfit(s) on before you leave home and assess how you feel in them. Being on vacation is all about enjoying the moment and feeling comfortable. Don't pack a dress that makes you feel self-conscious -- pack something that makes you feel relaxed and beautiful.

3. Summer Dresses

This is a no-brainer, but if you're going on a summer vacation, you need to pack a selection of summer dresses. The amount you pack depends on the duration of your trip, but two or three dresses are a good number.

These types of dresses are generally more comfortable, maxi or midi-style day dresses which you can wear in the daytime, or even dress up with a pair of heels at night.

Whether you prefer patterns, bright and bold colors, or simple basics, it's the material of the dress that counts. In the tropics, lightweight materials such as cotton, linen, or chiffon are your best friends.

4. A Swimsuit You Feel Comfortable In

What's a tropical vacation without some time spent in the sun, whether it's poolside or at the beach? If you plan to sunbathe, take a dip, or engage in watersports, you'll need a swimsuit. But the key to actually enjoying your vacation and these activities is packing and wearing something you feel comfortable in.

Whether you prefer a bikini, a one-piece, or a tankini, make sure to pack what you feel your best in. Just a side note though, if you plan on topping up your tan, a bikini is the best option for this (but you probably already know that!).

5. A Poolside Cover Up

If you don't plan on doing too much else except tanning beside the pool, and moving over to the food buffet, then this is where a pool cover-up is essential. Whether it's a kaftan-type cover-up or something you can just throw over your shoulders and tie at the waist, this is such a handy item of clothing to take on a summer vacation.

Cover-ups are also super versatile as they can double as a summer dress -- just throw on a pair of sandals and your sunglasses, and you're ready to go for the day.

If you don't own a cover-up, a button-down linen shirt that's slightly oversized works just the same. They're also great for layering and throwing over a plain T-shirt with shorts or jeans if the weather gets a little cooler in the evenings.

6. Excursion Wear

Excursion attire is 100 percent necessary if you plan on moving off your pool lounger and venturing outside of the resort. This type of clothing can be anything you want it to be, really, but once again, comfort is key.

If you're visiting a particularly warm destination, make sure to pack excursion clothing that suits the climate. This might look like a pair of biker shorts and a tank top, with an unbuttoned linen or cotton shirt worn over the top. Don't forget to pack an extra pair of workout attire if you plan on exercising on vacation, too, whether it's going on a hike or using the resort gym.

Sun protection is vital. Make sure to pack a wide-brimmed hat or cap if you're going on a tour of the local region. Stick with neutral colors, such as black or navy as this tends to show less dirt and sweat stains.

7. Multi-Faceted Pieces

If you're pressed for packing space, this is where multi-faceted, versatile items of clothing come in handy. Let's say you plan on only taking a carry-on suitcase. In this instance, a multi-faceted skirt or pair of linen trousers are great items to pack and create many cute outfits with.

For example, you can pair a maxi skirt with a bikini top or a t-shirt for your daytime look. You could then dress it up for an evening soiree with a shirt/blouse, tied in a knot at the stomach. You can pair linen trousers with sandals or trainers for a more casual setting, or dress them up with heels.

Once again, opt for a more neutral color in these pieces to get the most wear out of them.

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