How to Style a Maxi Dress: 7 Cute Outfit Ideas

How to Style a Maxi Dress: 7 Cute Outfit Ideas

Maxi dresses are trendy and widely loved for many reasons. They're classics that never go out of style, which makes sense when you consider their versatility, breathability, and chic aesthetics. 

Here, we're going to talk about how to style a maxi dress and express your individual tastes and fashion sense. Read on to learn about some styles available and what maxi dress accessories you can use to get in on 2024 fashion trends.

1. Floral Prints

Floral patterns are consistently popular. Year after year for decades, women have flocked to soft floral designs on their favorite blouses and dresses. The timeless pattern is vibrant and versatile while still being soft, feminine, and flirty.

Choosing floral patterns is one of the best maxi dress outfit ideas for women in 2024. From long, form-fitting dresses to those with long trains, there are tons of cuts available. Choose something that flatters your figure and brings out your best features.

No matter your body shape, one of our favorite dresses at Fairweather is our floral cinched waist ruffled maxi dress. The cream base is warm and brings out the glowing undertones of all skin colors. It also has lots of ruffles to compliment the approachable and feminine black floral print that so many women love.

2. Belts for Belles

Many maxi dresses come with belts that cinch around the waist. Some of the best have soft, ruffly ribbons to tie around your midsection. The fabric either matches or compliments the dress's print and colors, so you don't need to worry about pairing an accessory that doesn't match your favorite maxi dress styles.

However, if your dress didn't come with a belt, you can have a little fun making one.

Some women tie simple thick ribbons from the craft store around their waist in a color that matches the dress. This is perfect if you want to showcase your figure with something minimalistic. However, if you tie it too tightly, it can become unflattering, so you need to be careful.

It's usually best to either buy a belt to serve as an accessory or make one out of fabric. You can sew multiple pieces of fabric together loosely by layering them on top of each other. This will make a gorgeous fabric belt that flows and complements your dress beautifully.

3. Cool Cardigans

Sleeveless dresses are all the rage in 2024. They come in tons of vibrant colors and patterns that pop.

However, while sleeveless styles are a gorgeous classic that lets you show off some skin, they can get cold in some situations. That's why buying a matching cardigan is a good idea.

We sell cardigans that come in floral prints, but that's not where the designs end. Sequined open-wrap cardigans are gorgeous and go with just about every maxi dresses since they're primarily black and silver.

Simple gray cardigans with waffle textures or big pockets are also practical and adorable while having the versatility of neutral tones.

4. Pretty Polka Dots

If you're looking for something simple that pairs well with any cardigan or jacket, our navy blue polka dot maxi dress is an awesome choice.

This style is 100% sleeveless, so you can show off your favorite scarves and capes as well as cardigans. It's versatile when you want to pair accessories and clothes over it. But the best thing about this dress is the button-up look that it offers on top.

There are big, bold buttons that go all the way from the neckline to the belted waist, which adds some evenness to the offset polka dot pattern. It's an awesome way to showcase your trendy fashion sense with minimalism. 

5. Don't Shirk Shoes

Maxi dresses lend themselves well to awesome shoe pairings. This is because they cut off around the ankle to showcase the shoes near their hem. The cut of the dress means that your footwear will always stand out to anyone looking at your outfit holistically.

Think about the color of your dress when choosing shoes. For example, someone with a flowing white floral dress may like cream-colored flats with small flowers on the buckle. If you're wearing the navy polka-dotted style, blue pumps or heels will go great with its color.

Sandals are also great summer shoes that go great with any dress regardless of its length. Choose something that complements your dress style in both color and vibe.

6. Keep Accessories Simple

Short dresses with funky cuts lend well to statement accessories because they don't cover a lot of skin. You can make big bangles and chunky necklaces stand out with day or midi dresses.

However, this isn't the case for maxi dresses. They need to be the primary feature of your aesthetic, and this means subtle accessories that don't detract from their cut, pattern, or length.

Try some simple gold hoop earrings or pearl studs that match the undertones of your dress. If you're wearing a short-sleeved maxi dress, a simple slider or chain bracelet will help to accentuate your arms.

7. Floppy Hats

Nothing screams summer like a wide-brimmed hat. These loose-fitting accessories don't just look great but also help to keep the sun out of your eyes. They also come in a diverse range of shapes and styles, so Canadian women like you have a ton of great options to choose from.

These hats are especially great if you're wearing a loose or flowing maxi dress. They complement that aesthetic evenly. However, they also provide a great contrast with more tight-fitting outfits, so experiment with different styles.

Beyond How to Style a Maxi Dress

Now that you know how to style a maxi dress and look amazing, it's time to get in on some 2024 fashion trends. Wearing a dress is a highly personal thing, and you'll need to choose the perfect styles to flatter your figure and express your tastes.

Our team is committed to helping Canadian women choose the best dresses for trendy fashion and everyday wear. Whether you're going to a cocktail party or flirting on a first date, there's something in our shop perfect for any occasion. Browse our maxi dresses to start shopping for high-quality outfits that you can style in fresh and funky ways.