7 Summer Dress Styles to Try This Summer

7 Summer Dress Styles to Try This Summer

While 1860s dresses were so wide that they got stuck in doorways, today's styles are both more practical and more diverse. They're also more flattering to your figure so that you can show off all that you've got.

Choosing between gorgeous summer dress styles can be challenging when you have so many options, but it's also a lot of fun to browse and buy. Read on to learn some of the best trends that you need to shop for in 2024.

1. Limite Belted Floral Cocktail Dress

Floral prints in fashion are timeless and have been around for centuries. They come in tons of different styles since no two blooms look alike. This gives them many different moods for different occasions.

Cocktail dresses look best with bold prints in minimalistic colors. Limte knew what they were doing when they designed a black cocktail dress with large white flowers all over its surface. This design is sleek and sophisticated, so it's perfect for both first dates and formal dinner parties.

The small belt in the middle is designed to separate the top of the dress from the skirt in a flattering way. It'll bring out your beautiful curves and showcase your figure in the best possible way.

2. Long Sleeve Floral Day Dress

Want something a bit more colorful and flowy? Fans of floral print on casual occasions will love International INC Company's floral tiered long-sleeve day dress.

This mustard-hued beauty brings out the warmth in all skin tones and pairs well with black accessories like heels, flats, and statement necklaces. This is especially true because of the minimalistic black-and-white flowers that boldly accentuate every layer of the dress.

It's a cozy option for cooler night outings and indoor venues, too, because of the loose and long sleeves. You won't need to worry about getting cold and catching a chill.

3. Blush Roll-Up Sleeve Dress

If you like soft hues and loose, feminine styles, International INC Company still has you covered.

One of their most gorgeous day dresses features a blush-colored base that looks adorable and flirty with gold jewelry that brings out the warmth in its hue. You can also use white statement earrings to bring out the creamy white floral silhouette shapes that its design boasts.

This dress isn't just loose but also incorporates ribbon-like lacing across its surface for a fun and feminine flair. It's soft and lacy, making it ideal for date nights and situations where you're looking to meet people and have fun.

4. Pink Lace Cocktail Dress

Cocktail dress masters at Limite also bring you the beauty of rose blush.

Their design is more formal and classy than the casual summer lace of a roll-up sleeve dress. Its form-fitting sheath is cloaked in lace accents with intricate patterns. This gives it a unique and individualistic texture that's sure to make you the bell of the ball (or, more likely, the dinner party.)

The skirt is also multi-layered and dips down further in the back than it does in the front. This gives it a flowing train effect that makes you look soft and approachable as well as formal and sharp.

5. Belted Patterened Crossover Day Dress

If you already have a ton of florals in your wardrobe or simply prefer other styles, don't worry. Dresses come in all different shapes, sizes, and prints. International INC Company makes the most of diverse styles and offers a stretchy layered dress covered in tiny polka dots.

Its loose style crosses one side over the other for an elegant V-neck fit. Put a small necklace on to make the most of this dip and draw the eye to your collarbone.

Since this style has a loose cut on the bottom, there's also a diagonal slant where the top layer cuts off above the bottom layer. This unique and elegant look invokes the feel of multiple lacy layers with none of the constriction.

6. Button-Up Day Dress

Fans of solid colors and prim pencil styles will love Beechers Brook's take on this classic design. This dark blue dress is form-fitting and formal-looking with a collared neckline and button-down center. It also has pockets on the chest for your convenience!

This dress is great for casual settings, but it's also perfect for career women who want to be stylish in the office. The half-sleeves help you combat the cold AC a bit so you can stay comfortable.

Pair this dress with black or dark blue heels for the best possible effect. You also may want to try some subtle jewelry like gold bangles or small hoop earrings. This completes the workplace-ready ensemble while letting you express yourself.

7. Ribbed Sweater Dress

Another dress that you can wear in both professional and casual settings, Limte's long-sleeved sweater dress is a wonderful design that you can rock all summer. It comes in several different hues including navy blue, black, and gray. You can choose the best one to flatter your skin tone and favorite accessories.

In addition to keeping you warm, this dress lets you feel sophisticated. The ribbing adds some texture to the form-fitting dress so that people will linger on your best features. The collarbone cutout also lets you show a little skin so that you look feminine and beautiful while wearing the dress.

This dress is at its best when standing alone. You don't need any accessories to make it stand out!

Browse Summer Dress Styles Today

Now that you know some of the best summer dress styles for your wardrobe, it's time to begin looking into the cute dresses that will let you shine as brightly as the summer sun. We're committed to offering dress options in a wide range of styles including midi, maxi, sweater, day, and cocktail dresses.

Our team is happy to talk with you about your wardrobe preferences and point you toward the summer dress trends that will best suit your individual flair. Contact Fairweather to learn more about what we have to offer and how you can select the right size and cut for your new favorite outfit.