What Is a Blouse? A Guide to Styling Your Favorite Blouses

What Is a Blouse? A Guide to Styling Your Favorite Blouses

The global fashion market is on the rise in 2024 and is likely to rise by 2-5% over the year. And there are great reasons for this! Fashion's a top-notch way to express yourself, feel confident in your skin, and start conversations with both new and old friends.

If you're a budding fashionista, you might be wondering: what is a blouse? Is it different from a shirt? Read on to answer these questions and learn some ways to style your favorite blouses this summer.

What Is a Blouse?

A blouse is a type of garment that you wear above the waist. In other words, it's a type of shirt, though not every shirt qualifies as a blouse.

Shirts are usually tailored and have straight fits. They're pretty simple and minimalistic, though their lengths and cuts can vary. Their main qualification is a complete button closure and collar.

Blouses are different because they're made from stretchier and more elegant fabrics than standard shirts. They tend to be more flowy and fashionable than they are functional. They're the "pretty" shirts, the "feminine" outfits with more lace and frills and funky styles.

The main qualification for something to qualify as a blouse, though, is that it pulls on over the head. There won't be buttons on blouses (unless they're decorative accents.) They also usually have looser fits, which makes them easy to put on without worrying about fasteners, buttons, or zippers.

Cute Outfit Ideas: Trendy Blouses You'll Love

There are lots of different types of blouses out there. Some of the most common include:

  • Round, square-neck, and v-neck blouses with distinct necklines
  • Keyhole blouses with a small cutout beneath the collar that shows some chest skin
  • Puff sleeve blouses that puff up at the shoulders and taper down slowly
  • Long-sleeved blouses that have flowy fabric that extends down the wrists
  • Roll-up-sleeve blouses that have fabric bunched up at the elbow
  • Asymmetrical blouses with uneven design elements on either side
  • Bow blouses that have simple hanging bows on the top
  • Front-wrap blouses that have a ribbon or bow on the side that cinches the fabric

Let's take a look at some of the best styles that you can buy today.

Solid Button Sleeve Blouse Options

One of the most simple and elegant blouses available, Majora's solid button-sleeve blouse puts a fresh spin on the classic T-shirt. The solid hue and v-neck will remind you of your favorite comfortable garments, but this blouse has more ruffles and stretchier fabric. It also has small buttons lining each sleeve as a built-in accessory that looks both fun and sophisticated.

Solid Roll-Up Sleeve Blouses

If you're looking for something more frilly and feminine, International INC company has the perfect blush-colored soft blouse for you. This solid-colored style doesn't just come in a warm pink color that brings out the natural undertones of your skin. It also has a loose, draping fit and cinched sleeves that make you look elegant and elevated.

Keyhole Cutout Blouses

Limite's gorgeous keyhole blouses have small v-cutouts right beneath the collar.

They're fun but modest since they don't show too much cleavage. You can wear them in both casual and professional situations. Plus, their sheer material looks shiny and smooth, which adds to the beauty of the neutral hue.

Paris Cinched Side Arm Blouse

Louise's Paris blouse will make you feel like a European runway model, which is probably where it got its name. The teal version of this cinched arm blouse is tighter at the top and flows down into a looser fit that flatters any body type.

Plus, the stylish gold chain above the keyhole has large links that make you look high-class. This chain also provides some contrast with the cool hue of the blouse to strike a perfectly balanced color palette.

Floral Pattern Short Sleeve Styles

Floral print never goes out of style because of how diverse the options are, and bright colors on a black base always pop. That's why this gorgeous pink-on-black carnation-print blouse is ideal for both formal parties and fun nights out. Plus, since it has a long and flowy bottom that will hit your thigh, it's perfect for wearing with both knee-high boots and tall heels.

How to Style a Blouse the Right Way

There are tons of different ways to style a blouse, but they all begin with one decision: loose or tucked.

Many women like to wear their blouses untucked so that they drape over their bottoms effortlessly. This relaxed fit shows off all of your blouse's fabric and makes you look flowy and elegant.

Others prefer to tuck their blouses into their bottoms. This usually works best with high-waisted pants or skirts. It's more professional and put-together because of the defined waistline and tighter fit.

You also can do half-tucked looks if you want to experiment. This isn't just edgy and modern - it can also help you find new styles you love.


The way that you accessorize your blouse will depend on its exact cut. Those with higher necklines, especially in rounded or square shapes, look great with long necklaces that reach your diaphragm or even your stomach. V-neck blouses or those with keyholes look best with shorter necklaces that lay within the depth of the V.

Blouses look great when paired with simple earrings. Hoops are always a classy choice, as are studs and pearls. Smaller dangling earrings are also amazing, as are chunkier ones specifically with blouses that have large geometric patterns.

You can also wear scarves and cardigans with short-sleeved blouses to keep you cool on summer nights and breezy days. Just make sure to match the colors of your blouse or stick to neutral-toned outerwear.

Get In on 2024's Biggest Fashion Trends

So, what is a blouse? Only one of the best garments for women looking to express themselves in a funky and feminine way!

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